The mission of Argyle Coffee Roasters is to provide people the opportunity to drink better coffee. Through education, outreach, and creating connections, our vision is focused on evoking an experience centered on the coffee we drink.


It is the goal of Argyle Coffee Roasters to showcase what it means to drink better coffee. We do so by roasting specialty grade single origin coffee from around the world. We start with raw, green coffee and utilize a fair mix of science and art to create the final roasted bean. With an appreciation for the journey the bean has taken from the farm to our warehouse, we do not impart a roast signature on the coffee. Instead, we enjoy showcasing the farm, region, or varietal through our roasts to bring out the best aspects of the coffee.


Start by weighting out 16g-22g of coffee

Grind coffee to desired grind sized based on your brew method.

We recommend a 1-17 water to coffee ratio. For example 18g of coffee will require 306g of water.

Pour Over Method:

French Press: