Colombia Palmera


Colombia Palmera

Whole Bean Coffee

12oz bag



The country boasts hundreds of microclimates from its Caribbean coast in the north to its equatorial highlands in the south, and Palmera Supremo represents a classic fully washed profile, with balanced notes of citrus, stone fruit, and rich chocolate. Full body and medium acidity are characteristic of clean Colombian coffees.

Palmera comes from the Compañia Cafetalera La Meseta dry mill in Chinchina, Caldas. La Meseta purchases coffee from producers across Colombia’s many growing areas, working closely with co-ops and individual land owners to find the best coffees, from the border with Ecuador through the highest volume producers in Antioquia to neighboring producers in the surrounding region of Chinchina. The five siblings of the Muñoz family operate La Meseta with close attention to detail and Palmera Supremo is expertly sorted to deliver consistent 17/18 screen size beans.

Region: Caldas

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Altitude: 1350 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)

We taste:

Stone fruit sweetness, medium acidity, clean toffee finish.

Additional information

Weight 12.7 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 4.75 × 3.5 in


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