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Marvin is the 4th generation of coffee farmers. He studied agronomy at one of the top agricultural schools in Honduras. Upon completion of school his father, Don Victor, gifted him a farm. From there he takes exceptional care of coffee from seed to export. Once dried, he keeps his coffee in his living room in order to maintain quality. With the support of Argyle Coffee and their commitment to direct trade Marvin’s son Fernando has the opportunity to continue coffee farming even when the current market conditions are unsustainable.
Farmer: Marvin Lopez
Farm: Finca Fer (He gave us the honor of naming his farm when we adopted him. We decided to name it after his son Fernando, his 10 year old son and will be the 5th generation when he takes over)
Altitude: 1400m
Process: Natural, raised bed dried for 32 days. Cherries are hand picked on the second pass through of the harvest, best cherries. Marvin specifically recruits women and old men to pick what he will use as naturals as they are more delicate and experienced pickers.
Región: Corquin, Copan Región, Honduras
Variety: Parainema

Region: Copan

Process: Natural

Variety: Parainema

Altitude: 1400 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)

We taste:

Guava jam, bright lime, hops

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